• I’m part of this amazing group! Geolatinas empower and embrace Latinas pursuing careers in Earth and Space Sciences. Finding this network made me feel supported and motivated to continue with my research while living in a foreign country. I found community and other people like me struggling with similar problems.
  • Looking for building a closer geographical community I started a Pacific Northwest Channel, to include other Latinxs living in the States of Washington and Oregon. We are a really small group and we want to grow to be able to run local projects. If you are interested please contact me.

CoCo: Code to communicate

  • After starting my programming journey with my Ph.D., I have been really motivated to gain expertise in Data Science. I have the pleasure to be part of the CoCo training team. CoCo is an NSF-funded bilingual project addressed to Latinx and Hispanic students to give them skills in programming and science communication. We teach them weekly lessons of python applied to Geosciences (10 weeks) that will end in a Geohackaton-week in New Orleans, LA, USA. It is an amazing experience to put together my interest in teaching, my engagement with the Latin community, and programming research.


  • As part of an underrepresented group in Geosciences topics related with diversity, equity and justice drives my role in the academia. Great efforts has been done to improve the Geosciences community and an incredible group of people had put together a program to work towards Unlearning Racism in Geoscience (URGE). In the Earth and Space Sciences Department from the University of Washington, we have a pod of Grad Students and postdocs following the guidelines of URGE. We hope that our contribution sees the light in practical changes in our Department dynamics creating a welcoming and diverse space for everyone.