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  • 2020/09 - Present: University of Washington, Seattle, United States. Ph.D. Student Department of Earth and Space Sciences.
  • 2012/03 – 2018/03: University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. Professional Degree, Geologist.-
  • 2012/03 – 2016/03: University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. Bachelor of Science in Geology.
  • 2016/08 - 2016/12: Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil. Academic Exchange in Geosciences.


  • 2020/09-Present: University of Washington, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Seattle, WA, United States. Research Student in Geoscapes Lab. Advisor: Alison Duvall. Research Student in Seismogeodesy Lab. Advisor: Brendan Crowell.
  • 2017/03 – 2018/01 University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. Professional Degree Thesis. “Historiographic evolution of Santiago’s exposure to the seismic hazard of the San Ramon Fault and its possible relation with the earthquake of May 13 1647”. Advisor: Gabriel Easton Vargas.
  • 2016/01: University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. Internship I. Research Support for the M.S Thesis “Active tectonic on the western edge of Principal Cordillera, Central Chile (29°-36°S).” Advisor: Luisa Pinto. Student advisor: José Estay.
  • 2015/08 – 2016/01: University of Chile, Santiago, Chile. Project I. “Scarps quantification of San Ramón Fault using high resolution DEM.” Advisor: Gabriel Vargas Easton.


  • 2022/01-2022/06 CoCo: Code to Communicate, NSF- bilingual project for graduate Latinx students. Python trainer.
  • 2018/01 Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, University of Chile. Summer School. Geology II: Deciphering the keys of the Geological Landscape. Geology I: The Force of Volcanoes.
  • 2014/08-2017/12 Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, University of Chile. Geology of Chile (1 time); General Geology (4 times); Probability and Statistics (1 time); Physical Chemistry (2 times).
  • 2017/04-2017/07 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. PACE Program. Teacher Assistant Geological Catastrophes. Elective course for high school vulnerable students.


  • 2021/05 – 2021/06 Oregon State University, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Corvallis, OR, US. Cascadia 2021 Onshore Field Team member.
  • 2018/01 – 2020/08 Xterrae Geologia. Chile. Several campaigns (>20) along the Chilean territory. Focus on natural hazards, quaternary mapping, and engineering geology.
  • 2015- 2017 University of Chile. Fieldwork for degree (>50 cumulative days) along Chile.
  • 2016/01 University of Chile. 10 days fieldwork assistant in Central Andes, Putaendo, Chile. Looking for Neogene fault activity associated with the Pocuro Fault.
  • 2016/09 University of Sao Paulo. 7 days fieldwork in Parana Basin, Brasil.


  • 2018/01-2020/08Xterrae Geologia, Santiago, Chile. Project Geologist. Natural hazards, hydrology, geology and risk applied to urban planning.

  • 2013/04-2018/12 Lospleimovil Theater, Santiago, Chile. Actress and Teacher. Shows, events, classes, and training. Participation in national and international festivals.

  • 2017/01-2017/03 Xterrae Geologia, Santiago, Chile. Project Geologist. Risk studies. Internship II.


  • March 2022 Structure and Deformation at Plate Boundaries, Honolulu Hawaii, USA.“Unraveling surface deformation rates during the interseismic period in Salar Grande Fault, Northern Chile”.NSF GeoPRISMS workshop, workshop attendant and poster presenter.
  • Dec 2021 AGU Fall Meeting 2021, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. “Near-fault Deformation Analysis from Geomorphic Expression and GNSS Modeling Along the Salar Grande Area, Northern Chile” (Aranguiz, Duvall and Crowell). Poster/ The remote analysis war: GPS vs Geomorph in Atacama Desert. Ignite talk AGU.
  • Nov 2018 XV Geological Chilean Congress. Concepción, Chile. Poster exhibitor. “The Great Earthquake of Santiago of May 13, 1647, can a cortical source associated with the San Ramón Fault be ruled out? “. (Aranguiz, et al.) / “The geologist and risk evaluation: when you have to be the villain”. (Rauld et al.)/ “Teaching innovation in Geology of Chile course at University of Chile”. (Pinto et al.)
  • October 2017 Geological Society of America 2017 Annual Meeting. Seattle, Washington, USA. “Tectonic evolution and geological history of the Colina and Volcán river valleys in the high Andes of Santiago, Chile”. (Aranguiz, Olivares, Kotthoff, et al.) Poster for Best Student Geologic Map Competition.


  • 2020-present Fulbright BIO- PhD Scholarship. 4- years full funding PhD Scholarship.
  • 2020-present Graduate Student Fellowship, University of Washington, Seattle USA. Top-off funding for stipend and tuition waiver.
  • 2021/08 Waaime US Graduate Student Fellowship. Economical support stipend.
  • 2021/04 Earth and Space Sciences Research Gala Award, University of Washington.
  • 2012-2018 Excellence Academic Scholarship of the University of Chile. 6-years full funding Bachelor and Professional degree.
  • 2012-2018 Junaeb, BMES. Chilean Government fellowship for food and school materials.
  • 2017 Waaime Scholarship. Monthly fellowship.
  • 2013-2017 Honor Student at the University of Chile. Annual honor list of the FCFM.


  • 2021/06 Earth Surface Processes Institute (ESPIn) 2021, Certificate of Completion 8-days intensive Modeling Summer Institute, Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS).
  • 2020/08 First Aid/CPR


  • Scientific Computing Python, MATLAB, ArcGIS, Git/GitHub, Bash.
  • Languages Spanish, English, Portuguese.