I would like to answer scientific questions in the tectonic geomorphology field using geodetic observations.

I’m part of two research groups: advised by Dr. Alison Duvall in the Geoscopes Lab and co-advised by Dr. Brendan Crowell in the Seismogeodesy Lab. My two advisors are amazing!

Salar Grande Fault System, Northern Chile

  • Characterization of morphotectonics of the Salar Grande Fault, located in Tarapaca Region, inmmersed in the hyper-arid core of the Atacama Desert. This first stage of the project was presented as my Preliminary Exam (09/2021).

  • Estimation of slip rate of the Salar Grande fault using geomorphological offsets and gps residual motion modeling. This work was presented during AGU as a poster (12/2021).

Landscape Evolution Models for Strike-Slip Faults

  • Introducing the effect of sediments in channels affected by strike-slip faults. This work is an ongoing project that will be presented in the CSDMS Annual Meeting 2022 (05/2022).